How to Reach Us

At St. Mary’s, we are eager to hear from parents regarding questions, concerns and requests for information. If you would like to talk to us, the following guide may help you find the person who can best help. See the contact information here.

If your question or concern is about:Then please see:
Grades or student progress, or related to a specific subject or classroomThe teacher as a first point of contact, who may refer you to the principal if necessary
Attendance, discipline, curriculum or personnelThe principal or assistant principal
Athletics or Fine Arts activitiesThe coach or activity teacher
The International Baccalaureate programMr. Christopher Tihor, IB Coordinator
Social or emotional concerns, or matters of a personal nature, course selections, graduation requirements, colleges and universities, or transcriptsThe counselor at your son’s level, who may refer you to the principal if necessary
A child in danger, whether currently or potentiallyMs. Hiromi Sawamura, child protection officer
Health issues and risksMs. Zahia Aratani, school nurse
Transportation, the booking of facilities, information updates or general concernsThe main office, Tel. (03) 3709-3411
Tuition & fees or other school expensesThe accounting office
Admissions or referralsThe admissions office
Issues which affect St. Mary’s as a schoolYour son’s principal may refer you to Mr. Saburo Kagei, head of school

Contact information

St. Mary’s International School
1-6-19 Seta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-8668
Tel: +81-3-3709-3411
Fax: +81-3-3707-1950
Emergency number: +81-3-3709-3416



Directors / Coordinators


School Nurse

St. Mary’s Child Protection Officer